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I thought you might be interested in visting the web site of NetChem, Inc., a new company speciallizing in advanced custom chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

NetChem Inc. develops, manufactures, markets and distributes chiral amines, amino alcohols, unnatural amino acid derivatives, chiral auxiliary chemicals, chiral resolving agents and other advanced intermediates to support and accelerate R&D activities in pharmaceutical, agrochemical, biotechnology and genomics companies.

Its research, development and kilo lab facility conveniently located in central New Jersey is well equipped to handle production of custom chemicals ranging from few grams to multiple kilo grams. Its pilot plant in Dalian, China has the capacity to produce high quality custom chemicals on metric ton scale. NetChem also offers one stop services for process research, process development, final form selection and preparation of GLP and GMP material to support various phases of clinical studies.

In contrast to competitor's approach, NetChem focuses on customer's needs. What customers need is speedy, quality and cost effective products and services. NetChem is able to embrace various technologies including its own and integrate with other capabilities such as multiple organic synthesis and process engineering to form a complete solution to customers at competitive pricing in a short period of time.

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